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12,500 Litre Vertical Fermenter

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12,500 ltr 316 s/steel (2343) vertical agitated fermenter, manufactured by Tankki OY, serial # A73815, 2.2m diameter x 2.5m straight side, weld dished top and bottom, internally rated 4 bar + full vac @ 160 deg C, jacket 4 bar @ 160 deg C, 316 s/steel dimple jacket on straight side only, Tankki OY agitator drive, serial # 8420, driven by Sew-Eurodrive, type FAF80-DV160-M4, 11kw, 3/50/400/690 volt, 1440-105 rpm geared motor, (3) 6-blade turbine type agitators, dry running mechanical seal, openings: top 1-550mm manway with cover, 2-100mm sightglasses, 1-60mm, 1-50mm, 2-32mm, 1-12mm, jacket: 5-25mm, straight side: 1-50mm, 4-32mm, 5-25mm, bottom: 1-75mm, mounted on (4) lugs.

Equipment Specification

Capacity: 12,500
Material of Construction: Stainless Steel
Tankki OY