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15,000 Litre GRP Storage Tank

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Unused 15,000 Litre GRP Storage Tank, built by Forbes Technologies, 1997, 3mm PVDF internal lining. Orientation: vertical, cylindrical, flat bottomed, tented top. Dimensions: 3000mm dia, 3500mm high. Connections: 1 off 600mm top man way, 1 off 200mm top side inlet, 2 off 100mm top let, 2 off 50mm top inlets, 1 off 100mm side bottom outlet. Design code: BS4994 1987 Cat 2, design temperature: 40degC, design pressure: atmospheric. Designed for water storage.

Equipment Specification

Capacity: 15,000 Litres
Material of Construction: Plastic - GRP - Polypropylene
Built: 1997
Material of Construction: Glass Reinforced Plastic
Lining: 3mm PVDF