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15.8 MW Siemens Steam Turbine Generator

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1 off 15.8 MW Steam Turbine Generator manu by Siemens, 1997, type LNK 32/45, 19750 kva, reduction gear type TS800, input rating 16430kw, output design capacity 10955kw, rated 15770kw, main steam pressure 63bar, main steam temp 482degC, high speed shaft driven at 9600rpm, low speed shaft driven at 1500rpm. The steam turbine package consists of the main casing block with steam chest (TU5001), gearbox GB5003, the generator (Z5002) that has a rated power output of 16MW and condensate system that consists of the main condenser (E5007), two ejector condensers, 4 vacuum ejectors and two condensate pumps.

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