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1.5m2 Tantalum Condenser

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2 off 1.5m2 (15sqft) Vertical Tantalum Lined Condensers, manu by AstroCosmos Metallurgical Inc, 1998, Model BEM 6-1-60, design pressure 100 PSI/FV, design temp 400degF, (16) 3/4" x 0.15" Wall tubes (Tant.2,5%) on 1-1/8" Triangle pitch. Dimensions 73" overall length/height. Materials of construction: Shellside SA-106-B Tubesheets/ SA-516-70, Liners: Tantalum 2.5% Tubes: Tantalum 2.5%

Equipment Specification

Capacity: 2 M2
Material of Construction: Exotic Metal
Built: 1998
AstroCosmos Metallurgical

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