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160L s/s vacuum dryer

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1 off160 litre (5,6ft3) stainless steel 316Ti high speed pilot batch 'List' type discotherm vacuum dryer blender system manufactured by Krauss-Maffei (Germany) rated internal 3,1/-1 bar @ 250°C. Cored agitator shaft 9,0 bar @ 300°C. Stainless steel Jacket body + both end plates 9,0 bar @ 300°C. Vessel body has clamp on / off flat ends. Body measures 600mm I/diameter x 754mm long. Unit complete with: Interrupted spiral disc blade with lump breakers, blade and end scrapers, cored shaft for heating, geared tooth belt pulley, manual variable speed drive through a reduction gearbox, output 0 to 85rpm. Openings top: Product inlet: 1 x 200mm, Condenser flange 300mm diameter. Offset bottom outlet: 125mm diameter with flush fitting plunger valve. Material thickness: Body: 8,0mm. Jacket: 6,0mm Unit supported by a 1,7m high carbon steel stand alone frame. System includes condensers + stand alone Sulzer Burckhardt vac pump , main drive 10kw, Wetted parts mirror polished. Over all condition: Very good. Little used All available documentation / literature, GA drawings and TÜV papers will be supplied with unit

Equipment Specification

Capacity: 160 Litres
Material of Construction: Stainless Steel
Built: 1979

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