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2.3m3 Buss Hydrogenation Plant

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24 MT/day catalytic batch hydrogenation and catalyst filtration plant. Process description: catalyst hydrogenation of dichloronitrobenzene to dichloroaniline in toluene solvent, used in production of herbicides. Design based on (8) batches/day. System consists of: 1) reaction loop: 2.9 cu meter batch size, operating pressure 40 bar @ 120 deg C. 2) secondary loop (heating/cooling): operating pressure 11 bar @ 150 deg C. 3) catalyst filtration: 2 sq meter, operating pressure 6 bar @ 40-120 deg C. Precious metal on charcoal. Major equipment: (1) Buss loop reactor, 2.9 cu mter, 120 deg C, 40 bar, batch design, 316LSS, 316TI stabilized construction, full pipe coil. Total capacity internal 2980 liters, coil 30 liters. (1) 2 sq meter Funda filter, 60 liter max cake capacity, operating pressure 5 bar @ 40-120 deg C. Modicon PLC based control system. Designed by Buss. Utilites needed: hydrogen, 95% H2 max 1000 NM3/H @ 43 bar; saturated steam max 2000 Kg/H @ 3 bar; cooling water approx 120 cu meter/hr; electric power approx 100 KW, 3/50/415 volt; inert gas approx 100 cu meter/hr @ 5 bar; instrument air approx 10 cu meter/hr @ 5 bar.

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