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Purified Water Plant

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Used Purified Water Plant, supplied by USF, 1998, Skid Mounted, 2m3/hr.   A purified water system is required to supply a peak charge rate of up to 6.0m3/hr to a user over a period of 30 minutes (but no more than 10.0m3/day. This is the peak demand, normal demand will be up to two users supplied simultaneously at 2.0m3/hr. The purified water generated by the unit will be stored in the Purified water holding tank (MF1701) and circulated around a ring main supplying up to seven user points. Feed water specification: Conductivity - <500µSiemens/cm, Microbial contamination - 500cfu/ml, Chloride impurities - 600ppm, E Coli absence in 100mml - Yes. Purified water specification: Total Area Viable Count TAVC - <10cfu/ml, Endotoxin - <0.25EU/ml, E Coli absence in 10ml - Yes, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa absence in 10ml - Yes.

Equipment Specification

Capacity: 2 m3/hr
Built: 1998

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