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Conical Mixers

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Conical mixers also known as Nauta mixers are used in the mixing and homogenisation of powders, pastes and slurries within various process industries. A typical conical mixer consists of a conical shaped vessel which contains a top or bottom mounted helical screw that is rotated by a motorised arm. Material is fed into the top of the mixer and once charged the mixer is started. The screw gently rotates around the wall of a conical vessel conveying the material from the bottom of the vessel to the material surface. At the same time the screw removes material away from the wall and deflects it into the centre of the vessel. Material lifted by the screw gravitates downward, thoroughly intermixing with material being spiraled upwards. Once a batch of material has been mixed it is then discharged via the bottom of the mixer by means of a manual or automated discharge valve.

Conical mixers are often used in the chemical, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and related industries. Manufacturers of include Bachiller, Vrieco, Nauta, Hososkawa, Alfred Bolz and Kmpt.

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