13,500 Litre Stainless Steel Reactor

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Capacity: 13500 litres
Condition Reconditioned
Material 316 Stainless Steel


Reconditioned 13,500 Litre 316 Stainless Steel Reactor, manufactured by R.W.Morrison, 1985. Refurbished/modified by Langfields 2007. Total capacity 13,380 Litre. Rated Capacity: 10,000 Litre.  Orientation: vertical, cylindrical, dished top and bottom with side supports. Dimensions: 2400mm diameter, 3350mm over dishes. Design data: 3.8bar design pressure, 200degC design temperature, 10bar coil working pressure. Vessel is jacketed with limpet coil. Comes with a 15 kw Electric drive, 1450 rpm flp motor. Reeves gearbox with Ruba model 533h- d- 15 variable speed gearbox giving 10 to 53 rpm on shaft. Previously used on chemicals.