30,000 Litre Moeschle Stainless Storage Tank

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Capacity: 30000 litres
Condition Used
Manufacturer Moeschle
Material 316L Stainless Steel


Used 30,000 Litre Moeschle Stainless Storage Tank, manufactured by Moeschle Behalterbau Gmbh. Orientation vertical, cylindrical, conical top and bottom. Tank is supported on 4 stainless steel legs with feet. Material of construction 316L stainless steel. Dimensions 2800 mm diameter, 4500 mm on the straight, 500 mm bottom cone, 400 mm top cone, 6950 mm overall height. Connections 1 x 400 mm top vent with level radar, 1 x 80 mm RJT top centre top inlet, 1 x 80 mm RJT centre bottom outlet, 1 x 340/440 oval side bottom man way. Tank thickness is 4 mm top and shell, 5 mm base. Storage tank is complete with top handrail and side ladder. Previously used to store beverages.