5,000 Litre Greaves Mixing Tank

5,000 Litre Greaves Mixing Tank

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Capacity: 5000 litres
Condition Used
Manufacturer Greaves
Material Stainless Steel


Used 5,000 Litre Greaves Mixing Tank, manufactured by Joshua Greaves & Sons. Orientation vertical, cylindrical, dished base, flat top. Tank is supported on 4 steel legs. Dimensions 1600mm internal diameter, 2100mm on the straight, overall diameter 1900mm, 250mm dished base, overall height 4100mm, overall height for travel 2400mm. Vessel has a stainless steel steam heating jacket on the bottom wall approx 800mm, vessel design pressure atmospheric, jacket working pressure 40 psi, vessel and jacket design temperature 125degC. Vessel is fitted with two top mounted agitators, a Greaves High shear batch mixer powered by a 5.5kw Brook Crompton FLP electric motor and a Greaves 4 blade twin flighted turbine agitator powered by a 7.5kw Brook Crompton electric motor. Previously used to mix carpet shampoo.