Broadbent Pressure Decanter Centrifuge Model 1000

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Condition Used
Build Year 1988
Manufacturer Broadbent
Model/Type 1000
Material Stainless Steel
Industry Chemical


Used Solid Bowl Pressure Decanter Centrifuge, manufactured by Thomas Broadbent and Sons Ltd, 1988/1979. Model 438 (1000). Material of construction: 316 stainless steel. Bowl size 1000mm diameter x 1500mm length. 1300rpm maximum machine speed. 1.53 maximum specific gravity. Maximum casing pressure 4.62barg. Scroll/conveyor pitch 10 degree. Scroll/conveyor protection Ferralium tipped. Centrifuge complete with SA70 gearbox 150kw electric motor (1470rpm 415v 50hz 3ph) casing support frame and vibration isolators. Previously used in the chemical industry.

Dimension (LxWxH): 4000 x 2500 x 1800 cm
Weight (kg): 14000