Comi-Condor Inverting Filter Centrifuge Model HT/GMP600/225

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Capacity: 0.45 m2
Condition Unused
Material Hastelloy
Build Year 2008
Manufacturer Comi Condor
Model/Type HT/GMP 600/225


Unused Inverting Filter Centrifuge, built by Comi-Condor S.P.A, 2008, Model HT/GMP600/225.  Material of construction: Hastelloy C22 (2.4602) for rotating parts and AISI 304L Halar coated for static parts.  Electrically driven through frequency converter. Suitable for automatic operation.  Oil free execution.  Pharmaceutical design according to GMP requirements.  The GMP execution, with the fully openable front casing, allows an easy and quick cleaning because the basket is completely accessible and this makes the machine extremely suitable for multipurpose production plants.