FitzMill Comminutor Mill VFS-FAS012

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Condition Used
Manufacturer Fitzpatrick
Build Year 2001
Model/Type WJ-VFS-DC-FAS012-SSB


Used FitzMill Comminutor Mill, manufactured by The Fitzpatrick Company Europe, 2001, Model WJ-VFS-DC-FAS012-SSB, Material of construction 316L Stainless Steel, all product contact parts is stainless steel are polished to a grit 240 finish.  The FitzMill comminutor mill is a continuous particle size reduction machine.  The major components of this comminutor are: Vacumax Conveying System which pneumatically conveys dry powder from a drum into a vacuum receiver which discharges by gravity directly into the Fitzmill screw feed hopper. Screw feed hopper with low level sensor which meters product into the milling chamber. The feed screws are driven by a 0.75kw Brook Hansen Electric Motor, 3ph/50hz/400VAC, Eexede IIB T4, IP65.  The motor is equipped with a SPM shock pulse monitoring meting point. Mill Chamber with a rotor.  This rotor with blades performs the size reduction action.  The rotor is driven by a 18.5kw  Brook Hansen electric motor and its speed is AC frequency controlled.  3000rpm/3ph/50hz/400VAC, Exede IIBT4, IP65.  The motor is equipped with a SPM shock pulse monitoring meting point.  The rotor has 24 fixed code 225 knife/impact blades and is direct connected to its motor suitable for a variable speed operation from 500 to 6000rpm by means of an AC frequency converter. Comes with a spare rotor. The unit is fully jacketed for water cooling & is fitted with a nitrogen purging system. Ex Pharmaceutical, this mill comes complete with full manufacturers documentation.

Dimension (LxWxH): 150 x 200 x 120 cm
Weight (kg): 1500