Hibon Silentflow Blower Package SF2-12

Hibon Silentflow Blower Package SF2-12

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Capacity: 2500 m3/hr
Build Year 2014
Condition Used
Manufacturer Ingersoll Rand
Model/Type SF2-12-S-PC


Used Hibon Silentflow Blower Package, manufactured by Ingersoll Rand, 2014, Type SF2-12-S-PC. Flow max: 2500m3/hr. Pressure max: 1000mbar. Vacuum Max: 500mbar. Blower: Hibon NX12 series. Dimensions: 1560mm L x 1660mm W x 1410mm H. Complete with acoustic enclosure. SilentFlow packages include the new generation of Hibon positive displacement blowers NX series designed to provide large volumes of air or gases at various pressure or vacuum.