Storage Tank Farm Decommissioning


3DI Equipment recently completed the decommissioning and removal of a stainless steel storage tank farm at a chemical facility in the United Kingdom. The tank farm consisted of 14 off 87,000 Litre stainless steel storage tanks which were insulated and clad, fitted with side agitators and contained internal heating coils. The tanks were previously used to store fatty acids for use in the adhesives industry.

The storage tanks were sited in two concrete bunds with an external stairway and gantry for top mounted access to the tanks. All residual fatty acid was removed from the tanks. The storage tanks were then individually cleaned in situ using a soda and water solution which was heated, circulated and mixed for 24hrs. The cleaning solution was disposed of and the tanks were inspected for cleanliness.

Once the tanks had been cleaned operatives began disconnecting pipework, instruments and valves in preparation for their removal by crane. Following the disconnections, the tanks were then lifted from situ into a loading area where they were tailed by another crane and then loaded onto incoming transport. The tanks were then transported to our storage facility and offloaded.

For further photos of the project please click here.

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