Basket Filters and Strainers

Basket Filters and Strainers

In manufacturing it is essential to keep your process as clean as possible. Filters and strainers are used to remove foreign particles that can build up during the processing of a liquid or gas within a production facility. Over time it is normal for foreign matter and tiny metal particles from the wear of pipework, valves and pumps and other production equipment to enter the production system. Therefore, the introduction of filters or strainers is essential to safeguard against contamination of the process. But what is the difference between a basket filter and a basket strainer?

Basket strainers are closed vessels with a cleanable removable screen or basket and are usually installed in a pipe line to provide protection for valves, pumps or meters. There are two types of basket strainers, simplex strainers or duplex strainers. A strainer is essentially a filter device that uses a perforated screen or basket to remove larger particles from a process stream.

Basket filters, bag filter housings or bag filters as they are often referred to, are larger standalone vessels connected to the process stream in which a perforated basket and filter medium is fitted. Basket filters can be single, duplex and multi basket type filter housings depending on the requirements of the process. The filter medium fitted inside the filter is a very fine mesh and can filter out the finest of particles not visible to naked eye.

In some processes where the liquid contains large and small particles, often a strainer will be installed ahead of a basket filter to filter out the larger particles and prevent the need for regular cleaning of the filter housing.

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