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Sales Agents

We specialize in assisting companies to identify, manage and sell their surplus or idle assets. We are frequently employed as exclusive sales agents to market and dispose of surplus equipment on our client’s behalf. We will either sell the equipment directly from site or bring the equipment into storage to be sold later.

As agents our services include: asset appraisal, physical inventory, web marketing, printed media, direct mail, site inspections, sales negotiations, invoicing, packing and shipping.

We offer a competitive commission rate on the sale of equipment and plants and we will act as an agent for individual items, process lines or complete plants. No item of equipment is too big or too small.

For examples of projects we have been involved in please visit our case studies page and for further information on our exclusive sales agent service and how we can assist your company please contact us or call +44 (0) 1606 738766.

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