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Blast Cleaning and Painting Equipment

As well as supplying storage tanks to customers we offer blast cleaning and painting equipment. When storage tanks or vessels have been in service for a number of years and are exposed to the elements paint and light rusting can appear on the outer shell of the tank.

Before placing the tank back into service customers sometimes require tanks to be blast cleaned and painted externally. Blast cleaning is also known as bead blasting, shot blasting, grit blasting and sand blasting. The different phrases refer to the type of material which an object is blast cleaned. Blast cleaning is the method of propelling a stream of abrasive material usually by air against a surface under high pressure. Blast cleaning of tanks removes all the imperfections on the surface creating a smooth surface upon which to apply paint.

We recently completed the blast cleaning and painting of a 18,700 litre mild steel storage tank for a customer. The tank was blast cleaned externally and spray painted with a red oxide primer which is lead free and is anti corrosive.

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