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Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks

Most chemicals are stored in storage tanks manufactured from steel, stainless steel or plastic. The tanks are typically located within a bund, which if a tank fails or leaks the contents are contained within that bunded area until such time as remedial action can be taken. A bunded area is often constructed from concrete or brick and has a base and walls.

If for some reason the cost of building a bunded area is unviable, space is an issue or there is a requirement for temporary storage. Then another option is to store the chemicals within a bunded chemical storage tank.

Bunded chemical storage tanks are specifically designed for the safe storage of aggressive and corrosive chemicals. A bunded storage tank is a tank within a tank. Both the tank and the external bund are fabricated independently, comprising of their own cylinder and base.

Bunded chemical storage tanks are typically construction from glass reinforced plastic (GRP), dual laminate or thermoplastics such as polypropylene and high density polyethylene (PE100). They can be either sheet built tanks or helically wound. Thermoplastic tanks have very good chemical resistance, are durable and cost effective. They are lightweight but strong, they are also easy to transport and install.

3Di Process Equipment are suppliers of used bunded chemical storage tanks please click on our plastic storage tanks page to view our current inventory.

Manufacturers of bunded chemical storage tanks include Balmoral, Chem Resist, Forbes, Niplast and SiloTank.

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