Different Types of Centrifuge

Different Types of Centrifuge

There are a huge number of centrifuges out there and determining the best one to use will vary based on what you need it for and the industry you work in. As a general rule, centrifuge machines are used to aid in the separation of one substance from another and this is useful in a range of industries – although what works in one might not be the best choice for another. Decanter centrifuges, basket centrifuges and disc bowl centrifuges are all popular types that can be chosen.

The decanter centrifuge is one of the most commonly used centrifuges because it can work with a range of materials and produce the right results. For more specific or specialised separation needs, then there are other choices out there but industries such as food processing, chemical, petrochemical and oil and polymers can all make good use of a decanter centrifuge. While the main purpose is to separate liquids and solids, decanter centrifuges can also wash and dry solids to make sure they are fit for purpose.

A basket centrifuge separates liquids and solids by pouring the mixture into the rotating basket and accelerated to the required speeds. The solids gather against the wall of the basket while the liquid rises over the top and collects against the wall outside of the basket and is discharged through an outlet. This process can continue until the basket is full with solid material and needs to be emptied before starting again.

A disc bowl centrifuge, also known as a disc stack centrifuge, works best at separating liquids or liquids with some solid impurities. The solids and more dense materials will collect to the rotating outer wall while the less dense materials will collect in the middle. The denser material is removed and the process continues. Special plates, known as disc stacks, increase the surface settling area and this speeds up the process. Different disc stacks, shapes and arrangements can be used depending on what is being separated.

With so many different types of centrifuge machine available, make sure you choose the right one for your needs. Speak to the team at 3DI Equipment today to see what centrifuges we have available and how we can help.

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