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Verderair specialises in two main areas; pumps and laboratory equipment. The Verder Group is comprised of a number of companies and brands located around the world that specialise in one of these two areas. This means that every customer can benefit from high quality products that are specialised enough to do exactly what is needed of them.
Developing new products and technology is an important part of Verder’s mission as they seek to continue to grow and develop as a company. A lot of the products produced by Verder are very niche and require a strong technical understanding to use them properly and ensure you get the best results out of them every time.
With a huge emphasis on quality, Verder aim to provide only the best products and equipment to suit any needs and you can trust that everything is built to last. With the proper care, any Verder product will last as long as you need it and that’s why they are a popular company and range for a wide range of situations.

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