20,000 Litre Bunded Storage Tank

20,000 Litre Bunded Storage Tank

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Capacity: 20000 litres
Condition Unused
Material Mild Steel


Unused 20,000 Litre Bunded Storage Tank. Orientation: horizontal, rectangular. Build Standard: BS799:5-2010, Type J. External Dimensions: 3950mm Length (plus ladder/platform), 2500mm Width, 2500mm Height (plus ladder/platform approx. 3800mm). Material of construction: mild steel to BS EN 10025 (2004) S275JR. 4mm thick. Empty Weight approx. 4000kgs.  External paintwork: 1 x coat of Zinc phosphate primer, 1 x top coat gloss enamel colour Goosewing grey. Tank is lined with a 2 pack Epoxy resin.

Dimension (LxWxH): 395 x 250 x 250 cm
Weight (kg): 4000