4,000 Litre Jacketed Stainless Process Vessel

4,000 Litre Jacketed Stainless Process Vessel

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Capacity: 4000 litres
Condition Used
Manufacturer Gilwood (Fabricators) Company
Material 304 Stainless Steel


Used 4,000 Litre Jacketed Stainless Process Vessel, manufactured by Gilwood (Fabricators) Company Ltd, 1998. Material of construction 304 stainless steel. Orientation vertical, cylindrical, dished ends. Supported on a steel framed base. Design code BS5500 CAT 2 (1997), vessel design temperature 10degC/+40degC, jacket design temperature 20degC/+45degC, design pressure 6 bar, jacket design pressure 1 bar. The vessel is fitted with a top mounted off-centre agitator with two blade axial flow impeller. The agitator is powered by a 4kw Brook Hansen electric motor (3ph, 50/60hz, 1420/1710rpm) and Brook Hansen gearbox, Type SCE44B, 139.5 rpm. The vessel was previously used to mix chemicals.