50 Litre Greaves Dual Action Mixing System

50 Litre Greaves Dual Action Mixing System

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Capacity: 50 litres
Condition Used
Manufacturer Greaves
Model/Type 50 Litre Dual Action


Used 50 Litre Greaves Dual Action Mixing System, manufactured by Joshua Greaves & Sons Ltd, 2009. The mixer is fitted with two stainless steel agitators which can be operated independently or in combination. The turbine agitator is mounted centrally and is fitted with a 4 blade axial flow impeller, powered by a 2.2kw CEMP electric motor. The anchor / scraper agitator has PTFE blades fitted and promotes mass flow, cleans the vessel wall and can act as a baffle when stationary. The anchor / scraper agitator is powered by a 0.75 kw CEMP electric motor. Both agitators are fitted with mechanical seals and the system is ATEX rated. The mixer is raised and lowered via hydraulic lift system. The mixer is designed to operate at 25-90degC, and under a pressure of -1/1bar. The mixing system comes with two 50 litre jacketed 304 stainless steel mixing vessels, Becker rotary vane vacuum pump, Tricool hot water heater and a Greaves press out system.