7,700 Litre Purified Water Storage Vessel

7,700 Litre Purified Water Storage Vessel

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Capacity: 7700 litres
Condition Used
Manufacturer Carlisle Process Systems
Build Year 2005
Material 316L Stainless Steel


Used 7,700 Litre Purified Water Storage Vessel, manufacturing by Carlisle Process Systems Ltd, 2005. Material of construction 316L stainless steel. Orientation vertical, cylindrical, dished top and bottom. The vessel is supported by 3 x 304 stainless steel legs. Dimensions 2100mm internal diameter, 2218mm external diameter, 1930mm tan to tan, overall height 3925mm. Vessel is designed and manufactured to design code PD5500 CAT2, vessel design pressure 3 bar g / full vacuum, design temperature 95degC. Total vessel gross volume 8,862 litres. Vessel is insulated and clad in stainless steel. Previously used to store purified water.