Accraply Labeling System Model 5005 WACE

Accraply Labeling System Model 5005 WACE

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Condition Used
Manufacturer Accraply
Build Year 2007
Model/Type 5005 WACE


Used Pressure Sensitive Labeling System, manufactured by Accraply Inc, 2007. Model 5005 WACE clincal wrap labeling system. Serial No. MSN05853. The model 5005 WA is an automatic in-line labeling system. It is designed to apply a pressure sensitive label to products, in either a complete or partical wrap mode or when doing a Tamp, or a Tamp and Wrap. Metered products are moved through the labeling station, on a product handling conveyor. The systems major assemblies include the two 500 labelers, a product handling conveyor, product metering wheel, label wrap belt, operator pushbutton enclosure, electrical enclosure and the system support “h” base assembly. Previously used the pharmaceutical industry.