Acrison Volumetric Feeder Model A1-105-2-10

Acrison Volumetric Feeder Model A1-105-2-10

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Condition Used
Manufacturer Acrison International
Model/Type A1-105-2-10
Material Stainless Steel


Used Acrison Volumetric Feeder Model A1-105-2-10, manufactured by Acrison International, 105 series, Model A1-105-2-10, stainless steel construction, 100mm diameter metering auger/screw, fitted with a 0.75kw Leeson DC permanent magnet motor. The Acrison Model 105 series of volumetric feeder for dry solids feature a unique, dissimilar speed, double concentric auger metering mechanism designed to accurately and reliably meter a variety of dry solid materials.