Ajax Twin Screw Mixer Size 125

Ajax Twin Screw Mixer Size 125

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Capacity: 2 m3/hr
Condition Used
Manufacturer Ajax
Build Year 2016
Model/Type Size 125
Material 316L Stainless Steel


Used Ajax Twin Screw Mixer Size 125, manufactured by Ajax Equipment Ltd, 2016. Serial No. T.14991. Material of construction 316L stainless steel contact parts. Mixer is fitted with a water/oil jacket and has a design pressure of 0.5bar and design temperature of 300degC. Mixer is designed to mix various products at a rate up to 2m3/hr. The mixer is fitted to a move able platform on castors with a sliding/pivoting platform. Mixer is powered by a 4kw SEW electric motor (230/400v/3ph/50hz) giving 314rpm at 100hz.

Dimension (LxWxH): 332 x 110 x 162 cm
Weight (kg): 450