Danfoss VLT AutomationDrive FC-302P1K5

Danfoss VLT AutomationDrive FC-302P1K5

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Condition Unused
Manufacturer Danfoss
Model/Type FC 302


Unused Danfoss VLT AutomationDrive FC-302P1K5.  T/C: FC-302P1K5T5E20H. P/N: 131B0453. 1.5KW. IN: 3×380-500V, 50/60hz, 3.7/3.1A. OUT: 3×0-Vin, 0-1000Hz, 4.1/3.4A, 2.8/2.7 KVA. CHASSIS/IP20 Tamb. 50degC/122degF. The VLT® AutomationDrive represents a single drive concept that controls the entire range of operations from ordinary to servo like applications on any machine or production line.The modular open-technology platform, on which the VLT® AutomationDrive is built, makes it exceptionally adaptable and programmable. Its configurable, user-friendly interface supports local languages and letters.