Direct Gas Fired Thermal Oxidiser

Direct Gas Fired Thermal Oxidiser

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Condition Used
Manufacturer BMT Combustion Systems
Build Year 2014


Used Direct Gas Fired Thermal Oxidiser, manufactured by BMT Combustion Systems Ltd, 2014. Waste gas is passed into a Thermjet 0500 burner where it is nozzle mixed with air and burnt within the confines of an alloy combustor tube. On the outlet from this tube the products of combustion are mixed with a process air flow controlled to provide a thermal oxidiser internal temperature of 850degC. Burber type: Nossle Mixing, Max heat input: 860kw, Control mode: automatic flame and pressure monitoring with automatic pressure controlled modulation of the instantaneous heat input, Ignition mode: direct spark, Electrical supply: 400v/3ph/50Hz, Fuel supply type: SynGas, Fuel supply pressure: 4 to Barg, Fuel supply calorific value: 10.8kw/m3, Combustion air supply fan motor: 3kw, Process air fan motor: 11kw, Burner air pressure: 15.0mb, Burner gas pressure: 19.0mb. Main components include: Thermjet Nossle mixing burner manufactured by Eclipse Combustion, 2014, Type TJ27 0500, fuel natural gas, capacity 1465kw. 3kw Combustion air supply fan manufactured by Fans & Blowers, 11kw Process air supply fan, manufactured by Fans & Blowers, Combustion chamber, Instrumentation and controls, PLC control panel and Exhaust stack supplied by Waste Spectrum.