Fulton Prepackaged Steam Boiler Plant Room

Fulton Prepackaged Steam Boiler Plant Room

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Fulton Prepackaged Steam Boiler Plant Room, manufactured by Fulton Boiler Works (Great Britain) Ltd, 2006. The plant room is designed and built to be a fully self contained steam raising plant. Its consists of two Fulton RB1000 gas fired steam boilers (1500kg/hr F&A 100degC) operating at 10.34barg supply steam to a common steam header. Each boiler is fitted with Nu-Way gas burner, Grundfos feed water pump, automatic TDC boiler blowdown, automatic main boiler blowdown, solid state boiler water level controls. Other major components include a blowdown vessel, boiler blowdown system, feed water/condensate return tank, feed water pumps water softener, steam header and brine tank.  Overall footprint of the plant room is 7000mm x 7500mm. Room is transportable and can be split in two sections.