Morton Continuous Ploughshare Mixer KM300D

Morton Continuous Ploughshare Mixer KM300D

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Capacity: 300 litres
Condition Used
Manufacturer Morton
Build Year 2000
Model/Type KM300D


Used Morton Continuous Ploughshare Mixer KM300D, manufactured by Morton Mixers, 2000. Type KM300D. Serial no. M24300. 300 Litre capacity. Material of construction 304 stainless steel with an internal PTFE Lining. Chamber is 480mm diameter x 1500mm long. Overall dimensions: 3043mm L x 1134mm W x 1250mm H. Fitted with (2) 5.5kw Brook Hansen electric side choppers (580-2900rpm) and Jaguar VXM inverters. Shaft is powered by a 15kw SEW electric motor and drive unit (415v, 3ph, 50hz). The mixer is fitted with serrated ploughs. 2 off cleaning and inspection doors (370 x 340) with electrical interlocks. Comes complete with manufacturer O&M manuals. Weight 1150kg.

Dimension (LxWxH): 304 x 113 x 125 cm
Weight (kg): 1150