Outotec Larox Automatic Pressure Filter PF12.5

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Capacity: 12.6 m2
Condition Used
Manufacturer Outotec Larox
Build Year 1996
Model/Type PF12.5


Used 12.6m2 Automatic Pressure Filter, manufactured by Outotec Larox, 1996, type PF12.5 B2 M.  Filter plate sizes 900mm x 1750mm x 60mm. 8 filter plates constructed of stainless steel. Main dimensions 4050mm Length x 2975mm width x 2930mm height.  Weight 18000kgs. The PLC control panel was upgraded to a touch screen version in 2006. Also comes complete with new motor, new filter cloth, four new stainless steel filter plates (2 total), manufacturers technical dossiers and maintenance records. The pressure filter was previously used on a chemical process (zinc omadine).

Dimension (LxWxH): 4050 x 2975 x 2930 cm
Weight (kg): 18000