Rotary Calciners

Rotary Calciners

Rotary calciners are a type of rotary dryer widely used in the chemical and mineral industries for carrying out the process of calcination.  The calciner is a rotating steel or stainless steel cylinder slightly inclined to the horizontal with a section of the cylinder encased in a furnace and another section encased in a water spray cooler.

Material transfers through the rotating cylinder from the feed end through the hot zone, where the product can be held for the desire length of time and temperature. Then material is transferred through the cooling zone, where upon it is discharged from the end of the cylinder.

Calciners are often used for products which must be processed continuously at high temperatures and in the presence of a spread atmosphere.They are often indirectly fired via gas or electric and have their heat source separated from both the process material and process off-gases by the rotating cylinder.

We have recently taken into stock a rotary calciner which was previously used on a catalyst process.  This calciner was built by Mitchell Dryers Ltd it is constructed from stainless steel and is in good condition.  For further details on this item of equipment please contact us.


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