Types of Storage Tanks


Storage tanks can be found in many industries and are used for storing various liquids and gases. Depending on their use, they can come in different shapes, sizes and materials so there are plenty to choose from when you find yourself in need of one or more. Quite often, storage tanks are installed in containment basins or bunds so that any leaks or ruptures will be contained close to the storage tank until it can be cleaned.

Most storage tanks are designed for use above ground but there are some that can be used below ground and mobile storage tanks for when materials need to be transported from one location to another, either by road, sea and rail. These are often referred to as intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) or ISO containers.

One of the most common materials used in the construction storage tanks is steel due to it durability. When products or materials are more corrosive stainless steel tends to be the preferred option. Other more cost effective materials commonly used in the construction of storage tanks are plastics such as glass reinforced plastic (GRP), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) as well as glass lined storage tanks which are of steel construction with an internal lining of glass.  Ultimately it does depend on the materials being stored, the size needed and other factors, so there’s a lot to consider before making a choice on the types of storage tanks that are the most suitable for you. For more information on how to choose a suitable tank for your product please view our storage tank buyers guide blog.

Most storage tanks are normally cylindrical or rectangular in shape and either horizontally or vertically orientated. Most are fully enclosed however it is possible to have open topped storage tanks depending on the type of product they are storing. It is also possible if required for storage tanks to have heating or agitation fitted.

In some cases where liquids are required to be stored at pressure, tanks have to be pressure rated and these type of tanks are often referred to pressure tanks or pressure vessels. When storing gases at pressure these types of tanks are referred to as cryogenic storage tanks.

All storage tanks have to be manufactured and maintained in accordance with the latest British Standards and HSE guidelines in order to reduce the risk of accident and harm. At 3DI Equipment, you’ll find a range of new, used and reconditioned storage tanks to suit any situation you are in. Contact a member of our team today to find out more about what we have available and how we can help.

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