Bolz Summix Conical Mixer Cookers

Bolz Summix Conical Mixers

3DI Equipment have just taken into stock two 6,000 Litre Bolz Summix conical mixer cookers. The conical mixers were manufactured by Bolz Summix in 2008, they are constructed from stainless steel, complete with heating jacket and are in excellent working condition.  The mixers were previously used in the production of Cocca powders and can be used on a various products.

The conical mixer/cooker has been an accepted means of processing food ingredients for many years.  The gentle processing of raw materials is ensured at all times by the slowly rotating mixing screw.  The screw continuously passes through and agitates the material next to the cone wall while transporting part of it from the apex of the cone to the free material surface.  The material that is further away from the mixing screw flows downward by gravity and re-circulates.  In addition to the axial material transport in the screw and the downward movement outside the screw, the orbiting movement of the screw creates a tangential flow across the screw which is partially mixed with the axial flow and moved upwards a little in the axial direction.  The result is a gentle but intensive and homogeneous three-dimensional mixing action.

Other benifits of the mixer cooker include the heat transfer coefficent is high and the risk of thermal damage to the material is low.  Complete discharge and easy cleaning are important processing advantages of the conical shape.  The entire process takes place within a closed system and can therefore be kept sanitary and even stirile ensuring the material is protected at all times.

For further technical specification or if you wish to inspect the mixers please contact us.

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