Conical or Ribbon mixers ?


The blending or mixing together of solids is a common process in many manufacturing facilities today. Often the nature of the products to be blended or mixed has an influence on the type of equipment that the end user will choose.  Therefore knowing your equipment and it capabilities can help when deciding from the vast array of equipment currently available in the market place.
We stock a wide range of mixers and blenders including conical screw mixers and ribbon blade blenders.  Both these machines are common in the mixing of solids in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In this post we shall attempt to distinguish between these two machines and highlight their advantages over each other.

Conical mixers, conical screw mixers or Nauta mixers as they are also described are vertical, conical shaped vessel with an internal scroll that rotates about its own axis while orbiting the vessel’s periphery. Conical screw mixers are best suited to material that is shear sensitive, heat sensitive or where the process parameters are critical. The mixing action of the conical mixer is much gentler than that of a ribbon blender therefore products that require gentle, low impact blending are best suited to this type of mixer.

The advantages of the conical screw mixer are:

  • Flexibility of batch size

  • Gentle blending action

  • Complete discharge

  • Easy cleaning

Ribbon blade mixers, ribbon blenders or u-trough mixers as they are often referred to, are horizontal cylindrical or u shaped vessels which contain a rotating central shaft fitted with a ribbon style blade. Ribbon blenders are best suited for reduction of agglomerates that are relatively easy to blend. They are the most cost efficient blending solution when considering high volume production.

The advantages of the ribbon blade mixer are:

  • Cost efficient

  • Batch or continuous

  • High volume

Both types of mixer can be fitted with jackets and operate under vacuum depending on the users requirements. We have recently taken into stock some large ribbon blade mixers and a conical screw mixer; please contact us if you would like further details.

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