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Effluent Settlement Tanks For Sale

Effluent Settlement tanks are designed to reduce the velocity of the wastewater flow, allowing heavier solids to settle out of the water or wastewater. Over time a layer of solid, often called sludge, forms at the bottom of the tank which is then periodically removed from the tank.

3Di Process Equipment have recently taken into stock some rectangular, above ground effluent settlement tanks. The settlement tanks were previously used at a large manufacturing facility. They were designed to settle solids and separate light and heavy phase solvents, prior to pumping effluent to a water treatment facility.

There are two settlement tanks in total each with a capacity of 116,400 litre. They are constructed from steel and lined internally. They are complete with steel support frame, access stairway, ladder and top walkways. The tanks were constructed in 2004 and are in excellent condition. For further information and to request a quotation please click here.

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