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Industrial mixers or blenders as they are sometimes known are used to mix or blend a wide range of materials across a variety of different processing industries. Typical materials include powders, granules, pastes and liquids. Mixers are commonly used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastics and mineral industries.

There are various different types available depending on the materials that require mixing. The main differences tend to be the type of mixing chamber and blades used within the mixer. Different types include conical, disperser, double arm, high shear, paddle blade, planetary, plough share and ribbon blade.

Manufacturers include Nauta, Hosokawa Micron, Bachiller, KEK Gardner, JR Boone, Morton, Lodige, Hobart, Kemutec, Silverson, Greaves, Baker Perkins, Drais, Winkworth, Eiger Torrance, Artofex, Collette, Westerlins and many more.

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